About this blog

Welcome to our blog! Here you’ll find the latest news, insights, and examples of using AI-related technologies (deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and Keras, distributed computing and automation-related frameworks like sparklyr and mlflow, and data ingestion (pins)) from R.

We also like to draw from a wide variety of contributors (so you should consider submitting a post if so motivated!). Here are some of the authors that have written articles so far:

Author Affiliation GitHub
J.J. Allaire RStudio https://github.com/jjallaire
François Chollet Google Brain https://github.com/fchollet
Sigrid Keydana RStudio https://github.com/skeydan
Daniel Falbel Curso-R https://github.com/dfalbel
Matt Dancho Business Science https://github.com/mdancho84
Yuan Tang Ant Group https://github.com/terrytangyuan
Pete Mohanty Stanford https://github.com/rdrr1990
Leon Eyrich Jessen Tech. U of Denmark https://github.com/leonjessen
Nick Strayer Vanderbilt https://github.com/nstrayer/

If you are interested in publishing some of your own work or insights on the RStudio AI Blog, we’d love to hear from you! See the article on contributing posts for additional details.

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