About this blog

Welcome to our blog! Here you’ll find the latest news, insights, and examples of using TensorFlow for R. In particular, we like to publish lots of in-depth case studies that go beyond the more straightforward TensorFlow examples you often find online.

We also like to draw from a wide variety of contributors (so you should consider submitting a post if so motivated!). Here are some of the authors that have written articles so far:

Author Affiliation GitHub
J.J. Allaire RStudio https://github.com/jjallaire
François Chollet Google Brain https://github.com/fchollet
Sigrid Keydana RStudio https://github.com/skeydan
Daniel Falbel Curso-R https://github.com/dfalbel
Matt Dancho Business Science https://github.com/mdancho84
Yuan Tang Ant Financial https://github.com/terrytangyuan
Pete Mohanty Stanford https://github.com/rdrr1990
Leon Eyrich Jessen Tech. U of Denmark https://github.com/leonjessen
Nick Strayer Vanderbilt https://github.com/nstrayer/

If you are interested in publishing some of your own work or insights on the TensorFlow for R blog, we’d love to hear from you! See the article on contributing posts for additional details.

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